• Thu. 09/02. Introduction. Common sensing approaches.

  • Tue. 09/07. Sensing (continued) & the Robot Operating System (ROS)
    Special Session at 4pm ET: Setup Repository for Assignments (see Canvas for Zoom link)

  • Wed. 09/08. No Class. Paper request form is due

  • Thu. 09/09. Visual Perception: Pinhole Camera Model.
    Video Assignment: Raquel Urtasun, “Self-Driving Cars Of The Near Future” (Quiz 1).
    Assignments: Assignment 1 (Introduction to ROS) is out.

  • Tue. 09/14. Visual Perception: Pinhole Camera Model (continued), Stereo.

  • Thu. 09/16. Active Depth Sensing, Pose Estimation and On-Body Interactions.
    Readings: ViBand.

  • Tue. 09/21. Recursive State Estimation (part 1, Kalman Filters).
    Video Assignment: Probability recap (Quiz 2).

  • Wed. 09/22. No class (assignment due)
    Assignments: Assignment 1 due. Assignment 2 (Transformations and Camera Geometry) is out.

  • Thu. 09/23. Recursive State Estimation (part 2, Particle Filters).

  • Tue. 09/28. Recursive State Estimation: Applications. (student presentations)
    Readings: Detecting Moving Objects using a Single Camera on a Mobile Robot.

  • Thu. 09/30. Function Approximation: Feed-Forward Neural Networks (NN).
    Video Assignment: Andrej Karpathy, CVPR’21 WAD presentation (Quiz 3)
    Optional Readings: Stanford’s CS321n Notes (Module 2, CNNs)

  • Tue. 10/05. Function Approximation: More on Feed-Forward Networks & Convolutional NN. (student presentations)
    Assignments: Assignment 2 due. Assignment 3 (Filtering) out.
    Readings: YOLO.

  • Thu. 10/07. Function Approximation: Recurrent NN. (student presentations)
    Readings: Looking to Listen at the Cocktail Party.

  • Tue. 10/12. Function Approximation: Generative Adversarial NN & Face Analysis.
    Readings: Deep Appearance Models for Face Rendering.

  • Thu. 10/14. Function Approximation: Practical Tips.
    Video Assignment: Ali Rahimi, “Let’s take machine learning from alchemy to electricity” (Quiz 4)
    Optional Readings: [GBC] Ch. 11 (Practical Methodology).

  • Mon. 10/18. No class (assignment due)
    Assignments: Assignment 3 due. Assignment 4 (Function Approx.) out.

  • Tue. 10/19. No class (October Recess)

  • Thu. 10/21. No class (October Recess)

  • Tue. 10/26. Sequential Decision Making: Markov Decision Processes & Imitation Learning (IL)
    Video Assignment: Planning recap (Quiz 5).

  • Wed. 10/27. No class (assignment due)
    Assignments: Project proposal due.

  • Thu. 10/28. Sequential Decision Making: IL for Autonomous Driving (student presentations)
    Readings: Agile Autonomous Driving

  • Tue. 11/02. Sequence Prediction Revisited & Reinforcement Learning

  • Wed. 11/03. No class (assignment due)
    Assignments: Assignment 4 due.

  • Thu. 11/04. More on Reinforcement Learning (student presentations)
    Readings: Learning from Interventions

  • Tue. 11/09. Reinforcement Learning for Games (student presentations)
    Readings: DQN; Mastering the Game of Go.