• Mon. 08/31. Introduction. Common sensing approaches.

  • Wed. 09/02. Sensing (continued). The Robot Operating System (ROS)
    Assignment: Paper request form is out - see Canvas for the link.

  • Mon. 09/07. Visual Perception: Pinhole Camera Model.
    Video Assignment: Self-Driving Cars Of The Near Future by Raquel Urtasun (Quiz 1 to be completed in Canvas by the start of the class)
    Programming Assignments: Assignment 1 is published.

  • Wed. 09/09. Visual Perception: Pinhole Camera Model (continued), Stereo, Active Depth Sensing.

  • Mon. 09/14. Pose Estimation and On-Body Interactions. (student presentations)
    Readings: ViBand.
    Assignments: Assignment 1 is due. Assignment 2 out.

  • Wed. 09/16. Recursive State Estimation (part 1, Kalman Filters).
    Video Assignment: Probability recap (Quiz 2 to be completed in Canvas by the start of class).